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Air Quality Analysis

When it comes to air quality, we leave no stone unturned to understand where the finest of the pollutants come from. Identification is the first step towards their elimination.

Plug & Play Solutions

We deliver breathable air to you. Our air purification systems have all kinds of impurities and air influences centric to the filtration process. The elimination of impurities is therefore foolproof. As a result we bring mountain air to right where you live with our ready to use models.

Custom Solutions

Our Air Quality solutions bear impeccable results, as they are designed, built, executed and maintained through our fool-proof custom engineering solutions; to eliminate the air impurities specific to your location - with a clear goal of delivering ZERO AQI air.

Delivering ZERO AQI.

We detect & eliminate the most mysterious pollutants. There are no excuses. No unresolved challenges. Only pure air.

What our customers say

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Customer - Air by Ahuja Residency

This boutique hotel, designed around the theme “AIR” proudly displays a live air-quality monitor at the very entrance. The entire multi-storey building has been made pollution free by Breathe Easy. A specially designed powerful air purification system delivers pure cool air to every corner of the hotel, drawing visitors from across the country.

Customer - Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix, a highly specialized hair transplant clinic, not only has purified air, thanks to Breathe Easy air purification system, but boasts of an atmosphere free from air-borne virus and infections. The doctors and patients testify to the fresh air environment, crucial to healing the body and mind.

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Customer - BoulderBox

BoulderBox, an indoor climbing centre has become a favourite attraction for health conscious sports enthusiasts from Delhi NCR. Breathe Easy’s specially adapted system was 3D designed to be concealed behind the climbing walls, pulling in fresh purified & cooled air necessary for a sports environment. This unique project has set a new benchmark for the indoor sports industry. 


From large industrial spaces to private intricate places - our deliverance remains unchallenged. Over the years, in delivering clean air to our varied clients, we have encountered fresh challenges (read pollutants) with each project - but our delivery promise was always intact. We might be proud, but our clients are smug (with happiness).

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Our Clients Say

"I used to wake up in the middle of the nights with a headache for no apparent reason. I had been using the IQAir to measure air quality and noticed that the CO2 levels were going into to 1700-2500 ppm range at night with my wife and I sleeping in the room...."

Abhishek Bhartia

Managing Director

Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research

"I first became aware of the air quality problem in Delhi during Jan Feb 2014 after a few family members contracted pollution-induced pneumonia. The deleterious effects of high PM2.5 levels are well documented. Children and the elderly are especially susceptible, but poor air quality affects everyone..."

Yuvraj Singh

Co-Founder DMI Finance

"We are very satisfied with the product, its methods are clean as the air it creates. As far as I can tell, The system is designed to be ecologically friendly. It doesn’t use any chemicals or cover-up scents to freshen the air. I think it’s made an enormous impact on our health..."

Amitbir Singh Banga


Victora auto private limited

"Have had the pleasure of working with the BreathEasy team for two projects, one at my residence and another at my office. Both projects were designed, engineered and delivered professionally. The output of the systems and after-sales service has greatly exceeded my expectations."

Shekhar Swarup

Joint Managing Director

Globus Spirits

"BreatheEasy is a company that is dedicated to cleaning polluted air. Its team has worked tirelessly to bring innovative solutions to residences, large offices, and schools with effective results. With Breath Easy technology installed in the office, I feel assured that I and everyone around me is breathing clean air throughout the day."

William Nanda Bissell

Executive Vice Chairman and Director


"The IQAir air purifier is the best I have used. Sankalp is a helpful, knowledgeable and patient executive."

Ayesha Kapur

"I got IQAir GC Multigas air purifier with FlexVac and Sankalp has been responsive to all queries and tried his best to allay all apprehensions."

Dr. Kunal Gupta

CDC Dental

Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research

"My interaction happens with Mr. Sankalp Dutt who has been a great support both in terms of helping me source the top-of-line IQAir air purifier and the after-sales support..."

Pankaj Nath

"I have 5 IQAir & 7 Sharp air purifiers. Atul Arora has been a great contact as always, he is very responsive to my questions and orders. It is always a pleasure to contact him."

Barbara Bravo

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We are associated with the top institutions in the country with the common goal of generating awareness about clean air

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