The Dashboard that Improves your Air


A dashboard is a very important component of a holistic air quality system in a facility.  In larger facilities that have multiple air quality sensors/monitors, managing these sensors and getting readings from individual sensors can become cumbersome.  Having a dashboard that gives access to all the data that one needs in one single screen becomes invaluable.  Some of the features and benefits of a dashboard are as follows:

    Single window for accessing data from all sensors in a facility or even multiple facilities across the world

    Access control – who gets what access on the dashboard can be controlled

    Alerts – Thresholds for alerts can be set up and SMS / Email alerts can be configured in case of any parameter goes beyond the threshold

    Intelligence on overall facility health

    Multiple options for Main Display to compare indoor versus outdoor readings

    Comparison between different rooms/zones / outdoor and indoor etc.

    Benchmark against various established standards

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