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Clean Air at Schools

Schools have special air purification needs owing to the sheer number of children that gather in each classroom or assembly, as well as their vulnerability. Schools are considered to be breeding grounds of infection causing germs and viruses.

Air pollution has the most adverse effect on children, as it impacts the development of their organs. They are more vulnerable owing to lower immunity and developmental stages. Children also have breathing rates that are higher in comparison to their body weight. A prolonged exposure to polluted air during developing years can lead to causing Asthma or other ailments as well as reduced ability to perform specific mental tasks requiring concentration, calculation, or memory; and can also be the cause of  decreased respiratory function later in life.

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Customer - The American International School - Dhaka, Bangladesh

Fresh Air for Young Minds

The American International School in Dhaka takes pride in providing the best environment for the children as well as the staff.
Fresh air uplifts the learnability and helps the children focus better. The customized air quality solution implemented by Breathe Easy has shown visible effects on the students; confirms Mr Kapil Bohara, Director, AISD.

As children spend a large portion of their day at school, it is vital that schools are equipped with indoor air quality solutions to provide an environment that is conducive to their overall development and health. Let us assist you with our air purification solutions especially designed for schools and our vast experience in addressing their air quality challenges.

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