Client Testimonials

Abhishek Bhartia

Managing Director

Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research

Freedom from headaches!

I used to wake up in the middle of the nights with a headache for no apparent reason. I had been using the IQAir to measure air quality and noticed that the CO2 levels were going into to 1700-2500 ppm range at night with my wife and I sleeping in the room.  I decided to invest in an IQAir air purifier with an external duct to bring in filtered outside air. I could now have CO2 levels in the 550-650 ppm range in my bedroom and that reduced the frequency of my headaches by more than 80% and I feel a lot fresher when I wake up in the mornings and indeed during the day while using my room. 

After this experience, I have installed BreatheEasy air purification solutions that bring in fresh air in my workplace too.

I can’t thank the BreatheEasy team enough for their help!

Yuvraj Singh

Co-Founder DMI Finance

I first became aware of the air quality problem in Delhi during Jan Feb 2014 after a few family members contracted pollution-induced pneumonia. The deleterious effects of high PM2.5 levels are well documented. Children and the elderly are especially susceptible, but poor air quality affects everyone.

At that time, with a young child (now two) it looked like the only option was to leave the city altogether, not ideal since we would be required to abandon our elderly parents and our business is also based here.

I was fortunate to connect with Barun and BreatheEasy around that time. He conducted an air quality audit of our home and provided us with a solution ensuring clean air for the whole family. Since then, we have worked with him and his team to improve the air quality of our homes (and cars) and those of family members, our offices, the children’s school and even the gym. In November – Jan, during the “pollution season”, AQI numbers routinely break the meter (go above 999). Without BreatheEasy and their help, we would not feel safe at home, work or school.

We are all extremely grateful to Barun and his team for providing us access to clean air, a critical basic commodity required to lead a healthy life.

Amitbir Singh Banga


Victora auto private limited

We are very satisfied with the product, its methods are clean as the air it creates. As far as I can tell, The system is designed to be ecologically friendly. It doesn’t use any chemicals or cover-up scents to freshen the air. I think it’s made an enormous impact on our health. Not only our health, the productivity in our office has been positively impacted because of consistent clean and fresh air.

I would recommend if you’ve problems with smoke, mold or chemical fumes in your homes or business, you could probably use this air purifier.

Shekhar Swarup

Joint Managing Director

Globus Spirits

Have had the pleasure of working with the BreathEasy team for two projects, one at my residence and another at my office. Both projects were designed, engineered and delivered professionally. The output of the systems and after-sales service has greatly exceeded my expectations.

William Nanda Bissell

Executive Vice Chairman and Director


BreatheEasy is a company that is dedicated to cleaning polluted air. Its team has worked tirelessly to bring innovative solutions to residences, large offices, and schools with effective results. With Breath Easy technology installed in the office, I feel assured that I and everyone around me is breathing clean air throughout the day.

Siddharath Bindra

Managing Director

BIBA Apparels 

I have been using Breathe Easy products in my house and at the Biba corporate office since 2018. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the product and the end results, and also the customer support service that Breathe Easy continues to provide. The installation of the product at the office has led to much-improved employee satisfaction as well as a better sense of individual well-being at the office.

I wish Barun and the Breathe Easy team all the best!

Ayesha Kapur

The IQAir air purifier is the best I have used. Sankalp is a helpful, knowledgeable and patient executive.

Dr. Kunal Gupta

CDC Dental

I got IQAir GC Multigas air purifier with FlexVac and Sankalp has been responsive to all queries and tried his best to allay all apprehensions.

Pankaj Nath

My interaction happens with Mr. Sankalp Dutt who has been a great support both in terms of helping me source the top-of-line IQAir air purifier and the after-sales support. He was knowledgeable and trustworthy to sell these air purifiers to me with the conviction that they are the very best. He was right. I respect him and trust him for my needs for air purifiers and have always recommended him to my known friends and contacts. Sankalp is fast, helpful, always a call away, and has an extremely friendly nature.

Barbara Bravo

I have 5 IQAir & 7 Sharp air purifiers. Atul Arora has been a great contact as always, he is very responsive to my questions and orders. It is always a pleasure to contact him.