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Clean Air at Work Premises

Based on, and varied owing to the industry as well as the geographic location of the office facility – the air quality is usually highly sensitive. Unseen to the common eye, highly toxic air pollutants, viruses and allergens reside in the largely closed environments of commercial buildings, in addition to the CO2 buildup in the air.

The air quality in office buildings is often compromised by a combination of indoor and outdoor pollutants. Badly maintained HVAC systems, office and building materials, photocopiers and laser printers can be a source of particulate and gaseous pollutants, indoors. HVAC air filtration can help reduce airborne infectious material throughout entire shared work facilities.

Our custom solutions for commercial spaces make use of centralized air purification systems to economically and evenly cover the workforce, ensuring they breathe easy and work efficiently.

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Customer - Keystone Partners

Tailor Made to Enhance Productivity

Keystone Partners office is located on the Ring Road in Delhi, where pollution levels are usually high. 
The office itself has closed interiors, and owing to its location in the basement, there was a high buildup of CO2 and PM levels.
Our custom designed solution for the entire office enabled the staff to breathe fresh air and feel brighter!

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