Professional Air Testing for Hospitals

As a place of healing and recovery, hospital air quality is even more important. The purpose of a hospital is to return people to good health, and an essential aspect of this process is ensuring that airborne pollutants do not make existing conditions worse. With severe impacts of regular ambient air pollution and hospital admission, patients and visitors at hospitals are more vulnerable to contracting nosocomial Infections. The current pandemic situation is a significant indicator of aerosols contributing to viral infections affecting public health. To ensure the best air quality for hospitals and healthcare facilities, we provide the following services:

  • A detailed assessment by professionals
  • Samples of Particle Count, PM2.5, PM1, CO2, HCHO, NH3, Bacterial & Fungal count and Mercury levels etc. at subsidized rates 
  • Consulting on requirements as per location and practices.
  • Assessment is done by commercial A-grade sensors
  • A detailed report suggesting appropriate solutions to fix the problem
  • Post-testing consultancy support
  • We offer yearly consulting contract services
  • Available all India

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