IQAir Air Visual Pro
  • World’s smartest air quality monitor
  • Measures AQI, PM2.5, C02, temperature and humidity
  • Alerts when your air becomes unhealthy
  • Hourly weather and air pollution forecasts
  • Community news and educational resources
  • Air Quality data for all of your favorite locations, indoors and out

MRP ₹32,900.00 (incl. of all taxes)

1 Years Warranty*
(Battery & Charger 6 months)

Free Delivery  in Delhi/ NCR

Easy Installation

Zero Maintenance*

Low Energy Consumption

Watch the AirVisual video

The paradigm-shifting technology that maps an unprecedented amount of air pollution data comes to life in this short, eye-opening video.

Monitor air quality anywhere, any time

AirVisual is the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution to getting the accurate, real-time air quality data your organization needs. Start with a single, standalone air quality monitor that gives you live air quality data from your ambient air or invest in a customizable enterprise package that supplies you with monitoring tools fit for your entire organization.

Air quality big data

Whether you need information for the business you conduct, or you want to be a reliable source for air quality updates for others, AirVisual has the most accurate data available. The information you can access includes real-time, forecast and historic data on weather, air quality, and air pollution for over 80,000 sensors worldwide.

Compare what’s in your air

AirVisual Pro allows you to see your Indoor Air Quality alongside outdoor air quality data from the nearest official monitoring station. Use this information to help pinpoint where air pollution sources are.

Join our global network

AirVisual offers data for over 80,000 locations. But many places are not yet monitored. Be part of the solution. Register your AirVisual Pro as a designated public outdoor station and use your data to shape the world into a healthier place. The support and engagement of citizens around the world forms the backbone of what we do.