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Clean Air at Hospitals & Clinics

The most multi-faceted use of air purification technology is where the patients with lower immunity levels visit – hospitals, doctor’s clinics and test laboratories – where the risk from contaminants and infections are very high. There is a constant need to eliminate them. We not only deliver clean air to these health centres, but also specially designed hygiene-oriented solutions, infection elimination & containment.

We have also devised a highly sophisticated cleanroom technology and laboratory contaminant control, that keeps laboratory air purification challenges at bay.

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Customer - Eugenix Hair Sciences

Right Air for Right Hair

Eugenix, a highly specialized hair transplant clinic, not only has purified air, thanks to Breathe Easy air purification system, but boasts of an atmosphere free from air-borne virus and infections. The doctors and patients testify to the fresh air environment, crucial to healing the body and mind.

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