Andrew Chatterton
For home solution

After two years of living in Delhi which often has some of the worst air pollution levels in the World, we noticed that our family were often falling sick. After trying to figure out which air filters worked best in Delhi, we viewed the Breatheeasy website and called up Barun to order some Sharp air filters (importantly with an additional pre filter).

The company delivers two filters the following day and then had someone come and measure the quality of our indoor air. The bedrooms of our children were located in the middle of our apartment, and we were asked to switch on the air filters 1 hr before the testing took place. The results were as follows for our apartment on street A in West End, New Delhi, Front room (road facing) 650, back rooms (park facing) 350, the children's bedrooms 30.

We immediately ordered additional Sharp Air Filters for every room, within less than a week our continual sore throats and headaches had disappeared. I would like to thanks Barun for providing our family with a new lease of life, and after sharing the story with many friend, those without air filters were asking for the contact details or Breatheeasy.

I recently located to Singapore, and after registering with a local GP, she explained that her parents still lived in Delhi, were aging, and she worried about the air quality, after sharing the experience, she asked or the contact number for Breatheeasy.

If you live in Delhi, or are considering moving to Delhi, I would recommend you look at the Breatheeasy website and help protect your family from the extreme levels of pollution. You can enjoy Delhi by understanding the issues, and solutions available.