IQAir Actions Against Deadly Coronavirus

At the peak of the Chinese New Year, the outbreak of the newly discovered coronavirus (2019-nCoV) epidemic threatened millions, with the WHO, Centers for Ailment Control, and numerous other international health agencies issuing warnings.

In response to the deadly outbreak, the CNHC held a conference to assess the public health crisis posed by this new virus.

The, deputy director of the commission, confirmed that at least 440 cases of pneumonia had been caused by this new virus, affecting 13 provinces in China and resulting in a death toll of nine.

IQAir Provides Air Purifiers And Virus-Resistant Masks To Key Hospitals

IQAir will provide HealthPro 250 air purifiers to hospitals in Wuhan to treat patients infected with the coronavirus, supplying the purifiers first to the radiology unit, respiratory unit, and other relevant hospital to help prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. 

IQAir also arranged its global supply chain to give priority to the supply of the IQAir Mask in the Wuhan region. In the case of a limited supply of these masks, IQAir dedicated resources to the urgent transfer of goods in this region.

How IQAir Helped Prevent The SARS Virus Outbreak

According to public health officials, this new coronavirus comes from the same family of viruses as the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) at the center of a major deadly outbreak in 2003.

IQAir technology solutions have already been rigorously tested against this family of viruses – the Hong Kong Hospital Authority provided more than 150 hospitals with designated IQAir air purifiers to resist the spread of the 2003 SARS epidemic.

Decades of experience in air purification system projects with medical institutions around the world prepared the Switzerland-based organization well for both the SARS outbreak and the 2020 coronavirus outbreak.

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