Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

  • ₹ 2,750.00

• Dual colour OLED displays SpO₂, PR, and pulse bar

• Single-button operation

• 4- direction display

• Provides highly accurate measurements

• Low power consumption and real-time battery status indication

• Unstable or weak measurement signal prompt mark provides more accuracy

• Automatic power off

• 2 pcs AAA-size batteries

• Suitable for kids, adults, and senior people

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Choicemmed Fingertip Pulse oximeter is a clip-on device, perfect for monitoring arterial oxygen concentration and heart rate (pulse). It works by shining a light through a relatively transparent area of the skin.

• Turn on the Pulse Oximeter by pressing the button
• Place the sensor on any finger, with the sensor screen above the fingernail
• Wait for a few seconds
• The result will be displayed on the screen with the symbol SpO2

• For external use only
• Keep out of reach of children
• Don’t use the thumb because readings are less reliable than finger readings

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