Solutions for Commercial Spaces


Know about our thoughtfully designed solutions for school premises to keep the growing minds fresh with clean indoor air.

Hospitals & Clinics

 Learn about our hygiene-oriented solutions, infection elimination & containment specially designed for hospitals & clinics.

Hotels & Restaurants

Our customized solutions that ensure clean air, removal of gasses, smoke & odors gives the hotel & food industry an ease of service. 

Malls & Retails Outlets

Learn about our powerful air purification solutions designed for malls, that see heavy footfall, and varied avenues of air pollutants.


The closed environment of offices & commercial centers are heavy with pollutants, varied gasses & CO2. Know how our solutions combat each of these to enable a productive workforce.


Know how our air purification solutions for sensitive areas like data centres add a layer of security.


 We are enabling purest workout zones with our superior air purification technology – so fitness is delivered and achieved, uncompromised.


 Know more about our effective cleanroom technology and laboratory contaminant control, that keeps laboratory air purification challenges at bay.