IQAir Health Pro Series

The IQAir Health Pro Series Air Purifiers, which are designed for domestic and office areas are covered by three (3) Year limited warranty if, within 3 years from the original purchase date by the end-user from the authorized IQAir Dealer, the air purifier or any part thereof (with the exception of filters) is proven to be defective by reason only of faulty workmanship or material. The faulty item or parts there off will be repaired or replaced free of charge of labour and material. The rights under this warranty are limited to the Original system’s warranty. The warranty for replaced parts will expire automatically with the termination of the original device's warranty. This IQAir limited warranty is only valid for the original first purchaser. It is non-transferable.

This warranty shall not apply to damage caused by misuse, wear and tear, neglect, unauthorized repair, damage caused by installation, adaptation, modification or use in an improper manner or inconsistent with IQAir's operating and maintenance instructions, or to wear or deterioration resulting from environmental conditions-power surge or to damage sustained during transit. IQAir will not be liable under this warranty for any fault or damage arising from defective workmanship if the product has been serviced, repaired or modified by any person other than IQAir Authorized Person or if the manufacturer's serial sticker has been removed or tampered with. Any misuse, abuse or modification to the original product voids the limited warranty. The use of inferior replacement filters will void this limited warranty.

No shipping, handling or insurance costs for warranty repairs will be refunded. Obvious defects must be communicated to the authorized IQAir Dealer within 10 days of the purchase date.

IQAir covers the shipping costs going back to the customer for ground shipping only. Should a faster shipping service be required, additional shipping costs will apply and are the responsibility of the customer.


Important Note: In the event of a defect occurring, please contact your point of purchase immediately and describe the defect. Before any product is returned for the service, please seek the express prior permission from your point of purchase. Your dealer reserves the right to refuse any return shipment which is received without prior permission. Such Shipment may be returned at the original sender’s cost

The Permission to return products does not constitute an acceptance of liability. Upon receipt, the returned product will be inspected carefully. Should the fault be covered by the terms of this warranty, the products will be replaced or repaired free of charge. Should the fault not be covered by the terms of this warranty, a repair and transportation quote will be issued which needs to be accepted in writing before repair work will be carried out.