To ensure your air purifier lives a long and happy life, its filters must be cleaned and replaced regularly (and yes, it has more than one!). Old, dirty filters will reduce the machine’s air-flow capacity over time.


We stock replacement filters for all of our products so you don’t have to run around looking for them. For certain Sharp models, we’ve even developed compatible filters at a lower cost than the originals, offering you a chance to save some hard-earned cash.


Knowing when to change your filters is not easy.  Some air purifiers have an indicator but most if not all of these are time-based and do not consider the quality of air you are filtering.  This leads to premature changing of filters in clean environments or possibly delayed filter changes in dirty environments.


IQAir filters


The IQAir machines are sophisticated, with multiple long-lasting filters that can be adjusted for the quality of air. Each filter has its own colour-coded indicator. These indicatorsthat automatically tells you when to change the filters based on the hours of use and the speed at which the machine is run.  


In the chart below we look at the life of the IQAir HP250 filters when used on recirculation mode versus outdoor air intake mode, which can be used to reduce CO2. These figures are based on running the machine for 8-10 hours a day in a place like Delhi.

Filter Type

Recirculating mode ONLY

Outdoor air intake

PRE pre-filter (G4)

Replacement is not necessary, but useful. Wash every 3 months and change after 3-4 washes.

Replacement is necessary.  Wash every 1-2 months and change after 3-4 washes.

Pre-filter (F8)

Change after 12-18 months

Change in 9-12 months

Carbon Filter (V5)

Change after 18-24 months

Change after 15-18 months

HyperHepa filter (H12/13)

Change after 30-36 months

Change after 24-30 months


Please ensure the indicator settings are correct when the machine is purchased and when new filters are installed.

To purchase replacement filters for the different IQAir models, please see the links below.

  • HP Series (we should have individual filters and packages of filters for each series)
  • CR Series
  • Dental Series


Sharp filters


The Sharp air purifiers do not have indicators.  The best way to check these is a visual inspection. There are typically three filters on each machine: the HEPA filter, the carbon filter and the pre-filter, which can be washed and reused.  For the Sharp FU-A80E-W machine (the best-selling air purifier in the country), the pre-filter is a BreatheEasy innovation.  (Add picture of before and after pre-filter).  These pre-filters protect the core filters from India’s dusty air. They can be brushed, vacuumed and washed, but also need to be changed regularly.  Hate washing these and wasting water (another precious resource), sSign up for a “subscription plan” (link) to get one pre-filter delivered to your doorstep every month.


The other filters should be changed in approximately once per year.  Below is a color scale of the different shades for the innermost HEPA filter to help you determine when to change them out.  It is best to change all the filters on the Sharp machines when the HEPA filter is being changed. To order filters for your machine, click here.

  1. Brand new filter
  2. Nearly new – just put in
  3. Still doing well
  4. Starting to get darker, but still has some life
  5. Time to order a new set.  Has a few weeks at most
  6. Definitely choked and needs replacement immediately


If there is an odor from the machine, remove the filters and smell the HEPA filter. If it has an odor, place all three filters in the sun for a couple of hours.  If the smell persists, change filters. If it still persists, you may need a service for the machine (a deep cleaning).


Not sure if you need new filters? Get your air quality tested with consumer-grade sensors for only for only 200 INR per machine. Our technicians come to your home and tell you what you need. (We’re known for our honesty.) We’ll throw in a free deep-cleaning of any Sharp machines purchased from BreatheEasy.


NOTE: Please double check the model number on your machine before purchasing a filter as we have many.