The Story Behind Breathe Easy

In the 1990s, the well-known environmental activist and entrepreneur Kamal Meattle became allergic to Delhi’s air. His doctors told him his lung capacity had been reduced to 70%. If he didn’t change something, the air would kill him.

Instead of fleeing Delhi, Meattle sprung into action. Using natural plants and a high-quality mechanical air filtration system, he transformed his office building in Nehru Place into a haven from the city’s increasingly toxic air. The Government of India deemed the Paharpur Business Centre one of the healthiest buildings in Delhi.

But the air outside kept getting worse. Meattle’s son-in-law Barun Aggarwal, an entrepreneur who had used office space at the Paharpur Business Centre, had witnessed Meattle’s TED talk in California in 2009 and experienced clean air in his building.

During a one-year sabbatical in 2012, Aggarwal travelled to the mountains of northern India, where he decided everyone deserved to breathe clean mountain air. He decided to start Breathe Easy.

It started off as a venture focusing on large commercial buildings only. But when Aggarwal’s 3-year-old son started wheezing during a jog at Lodhi gardens, he decided more needed to be done.

Building on Meattle’s work, Aggarwal set out to find the best portable air purifiers for India’s conditions. He and his team tested 28 different models across 15 stringent parameters. Six weeks after putting air purifiers in his children’s bedrooms, they stopped wheezing. The portable solutions business was born.

Today we’re proud to bring mountain fresh air to India and beyond. We offer the best portable air purifiers on the market as well as customized comprehensive solutions for homes, offices, malls, schools, hospitals, hotels and more. With new innovative technologies, we’re also able to bring down a building’s energy usage by 20-30%.

Learn more about our testing, portable and centralised solutions for indoor air pollution and watch this video to know us better.