The world's No.1 rated air purifier.

For over 50 years, the IQAir Group has been an industry leader for indoor air quality. Leading institutions around the world are relying on IQAir to protect against airborne infectious diseases, toxic chemicals and particulate contaminants. Whenever the best air quality is required, IQAir provides a powerful solution.

  • The first and only true HEPA air purifier that is individually tested and certified

  • Guaranteed total system efficiency of 99.97% for airborne pollution particles ≥ 0.3 micron

  • No other air cleaner provides more virtually particle-free air more silently

  • Advanced timer programming for automatic operation

  • Plug and play system - 100% maintenance free. No need to wash filthy filters

  • Smart technology - Simply replace long-life filters when indicated

  • 3 years warranty. 15 year availability guarantee for replacement filters.

  • Award-winning performance

  • 100% Swiss Made

IQAir Healthpro Series – Key Features

  • Medical grade filtration
    Captures ultra-fine particles

  • Quietest
    High-performance purifier

  • Longer filter life
    Complete value for money

  • No ioniser
    No ozone

  • Two-stage granular gas & odour filtration

  • 100 times more effective than standard purifiers

Awards & Certifications