Testing Solutions

We are pioneers in the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) space and have a team of highly skilled and trained professionals that manage the IAQ Testing and assessment vertical of BreatheEasy.

Our experts are detail-oriented and meticulous as they visit your home or commercial space to test a range of parameters and assess the issues that are causing discomfort.


Portable Solutions

We started testing air purifiers when our founder was looking for a machine for his children. He had access to some of the best equipment available, and tested every machine he could get his hands on. This led to a very scary discovery – more than half the machines on the market were actually harmful to health, producing ozone, formaldehyde and VOCs as by-products. Only a handful were not harmful and even between them, there were varying degrees of efficiency.


Central Solutions

Our centralised solutions use cutting-edge technology to purify the air in your building. Not only is this a comprehensive way to protect your employees, students and family members from Delhi’s toxic air, but you can also reduce your electricity bill by as much as 20%. Music to any CFO.


Consulting Services

We are proud to offer our consulting services for Green Buildings and Wellness. Our goal is to reduce your energy costs, improve your quality of life, and help you gain a competitive edge in the market. We work with you to create spaces that are environmentally and energy efficient, and oriented towards human health and wellness.