Fresh Air For Young Minds

Our children spend a lot of time at school. We want our little ones to learn in environments that are not only healthy but also conducive to learning. To do this, we must ensure that all the carcinogens are removed from classroom air and that carbon dioxide levels are kept to a minimum. Recent Harvard Medical School studies show that lower CO2 when combined with lower pollutants improves cognitive scores by as much as 101%.

Keeping kids safe at AES

Teachers and parents at the American Embassy School were concerned about air quality inside the school, which also serves as a community hub for many foreign families living in Delhi. In 2015, BreatheEasy engineered and installed a centralised solution that brings clean, fresh air into every classroom as well as the gymnasium and shared spaces throughout the school. Now the particulate matter is typically near zero indoors, even when the outside air is in the unhealthy-to-hazardous range. The students are allow to focus on what matters: learning, socializing, and growth.