Founded in 2013, Breathe Easy has helped countless families, schools and businesses clean their indoor air and reduce their exposure to dangerous toxins.

Breathe Easy’s centralised solutions transform entire homes and buildings into fresh-air sanctuaries. For smaller budgets as well as spaces without central air conditioning systems, we provide easy-to-install portable solutions including air purifiers and detoxifying indoor plants. We also offer face masks, nasal filters, car filters and air quality testing.

Our work is rooted in science. Our laboratory has the best equipment in the world, used to carefully test every product before it reaches our online store (we reject many). We also provide monitoring services, using cutting-edge technology to track and evaluate your indoor air quality on an ongoing basis, no matter how big the space. We’re determined to ensure you’re always breathing clean air.

We love what we do because it makes a tangible difference in people’s lives. Of course, we’d prefer to help India clean the air outside. That’s why we’re involved in clean air advocacy and awareness, and strive to help people understand the science behind the air they breathe. We also donate 1% of our profits to organisations and causes working towards cleaner outdoor air.

Learn more about our portable (link) and centralized (link) solutions for indoor air pollution.