Come home to clean air

Our home is our safe haven and the place we spend the most time. To live healthy lives, we must have clean fresh air at home. At BreatheEasy, we evaluate the indoor air quality in your home, evaluate the space and design a solution that will ensure you and your loved ones get perfect clean air.

A central solution for Delhi’s smoggy winters

A leading cardiologist called our CEO for a meeting in July 2015. He spent an hour and a half with our CEO before asking him to help a patient of his who had pulmonary fibrosis. The patient’s heart was giving way and she needed to stay in Delhi to access the hospital. The doctor said that she would not survive past Diwali unless we did something. We designed a central system for perfect air quality in her apartment. When we were finished, the particulates and gases in the room were virtually gone. The patient’s mother called our CEO a week after Diwali and asked why she had not found us three years earlier when they had moved to Delhi? Her daughter’s condition was better than it had ever been. She’s now able to survive the city’s smoggy winters with fewer troubles.

The principal of our CEO’s daughter’s school was asthmatic. One day our CEO bumped into her at the mall, finding her sitting to catch her breath. When he learned she had asthma, he offered to put an air purifier and some plants in her bedroom to help improve the air quality. She was skeptical, but willing to give it a try. We installed eight sansevieria plants and one SHARP A80 air purifier in her 220-square foot room in Gurgaon. She survived the entire winter without an asthma attack and without needing steroids – for the first time ever. This success motivated our CEO to help other people with clean air solutions for their homes.