Boost productivity and effectiveness

Research has clearly shown that clean and healthy office air reduces absenteeism, increases human productivity by as much as 20% and improves cognitive function by as much as 101%. Providing perfect clean air while balancing the energy costs of large buildings and offices is something we have done for many years. For existing buildings, our engineering team does a deep evaluation of the existing space including air quality testing to understand the problem areas. From there,we design optimal solutions to improve the indoor quality and possibly even reduce energy consumption of the building by as much as 20% with products from enVerid.

An office in a converted residence becomes air-pollution free

The UNHCR office in Delhi is in a rented building in Vasant Vihar. The building was built as a residence and has been converted into an office. It was not planned with central air conditioning or central ducts. After the WHO called Delhi the world’s most polluted city in 2014, UNHCR became very concerned with the particulate levels in the capital and wanted clean indoor air in their office.We evaluated the space and saw that it was not feasible to install ducts in the building and provide a central solution. For this reason, we decided to install about 50 air purifiers in the entire building along with about 100 plants (money plants and areca palms). We conducted multiple training sessions for the building staff to help them understand why this was important to their health and why it was better to keep the windows closed, especially in the winter months when the outdoor air was very polluted. Once they understood, we were able to achieve very good indoor air quality results.

Financial company brings clean air to staff and clients

DMI Finance in ITO, Delhi, is one of our oldest clients having purchased air purifiers and plants for their offices and director’s homes. After a couple of years, they approached our team again and asked if we could do something with their central systems to improve air quality further.

We sent our engineering team to the site and saw that we could very easily improve the indoor air quality with a simple centralized solution. We installed our solution and began to monitor the air quality in their office remotely. By monitoring the air quality from our NOC (Network Operations Centre) we are able to send them a message if the air quality in the office deteriorated or call them if it persisted. We could even show up to physically fix the problem if necessary. We have taken the hassle out of air quality by guaranteeing them clean air and taking care of the systems for them.
The air quality in the DMI finance team is meeting and beating every international standard of indoor air quality and the team is very happy with the solution.