Protect the motherboards

Server and hardware failure is a very big issue for data centres. By understanding the causes of these failures from an air quality perspective, we can design and implement solutions that address the underlying problems. At BreatheEasy, we conduct X-rays of failed motherboards and test for specific gases like H2S and SO2, which increase the toxicity of the particulates that settle on the boards, causing the silver connectors to erode. We can guarantee projects with G1 class air quality, assuming we take on the project in a holistic manner.



Solving one data centre’s big problem

A data centre in Noida was experiencing regular server failures and struggled to pinpoint the cause. Their team approached us to see if we could help. We did an X-ray analysis on the failed motherboards and coupon tests to understand the air quality inside and outside the data centre. We found that the area had a high concentration of H2S, which is acidic in nature and corrodes many surfaces. Fine particulate matter was absorbing the toxic H2S gas and corroding the silver connectors on the servers, causing them to fail.

We put together a solution to guarantee a G1 class data centre for air quality, eliminating most of the harmful particulates and gases from the air of the data centre. The client was extremely happy and has continued to get their air quality services from us.