Breathe deep without fear

While breathing heavily and deeply, it is even more important to have fresh clean air. Gyms may seem like a better alternative to running in the smog, but they do not necessarily have cleaner air. In fact, because people breathe at a higher rate while exercising, most gyms often have a high accumulation of CO2 and VOCs, which are harmful for health. Installing an air purification system, whether central or portable, allows people to stay fit while protecting their lungs.

Top-quality air for one hotel gym

Mr. Jaideep had used our services for air quality in his home before recommending us to the gymnasium at the Lodhi Hotel, where he was a member. After a long discussion with the hotel’s chief engineer, the engineering team was convinced we would be able to provide a sound technical solution to their air quality problem.

Although small portable air purifiers would be very easy to install in a gym and would take care of some of the particulates, they were the wrong solution as they would do nothing to the high CO2 and VOCs. We recommended a central solution to ensure low particulates, CO2 and VOCs. The team understood quickly and we completed the project in six weeks.The gym members are happy to work out in fresh clean air every day.