Come home to clean air

Our home is our safe haven and the place we spend the most time. To live healthy lives, we must have clean fresh air at home. At BreatheEasy, we evaluate the indoor air quality in your home, evaluate the space and design a solution that will ensure you and your loved ones get perfect clean air.



Boost productivity and effectiveness

Research has clearly shown that clean and healthy office air reduces absenteeism, increases human productivity by as much as 20% and improves cognitive function by as much as 101%. Providing perfect clean air while balancing the energy costs of large buildings and offices is something we have done for many years. For existing buildings, our engineering team does a deep evaluation of the existing space including air quality testing to understand the problem areas. From there,we design optimal solutions to improve the indoor quality and possibly even reduce energy consumption of the building by as much as 20% with products from enVerid.



Fresh air for young minds

Our children spend a lot of time at school. We want our little ones to learn in environments that are not only healthy but also conducive to learning. To do this, we must ensure that all the carcinogens are removed from classroom air and that carbon dioxide levels are kept to a minimum. Recent Harvard Medical School studies show that lower CO2 when combined with lower pollutants improves cognitive scores by as much as 101%.



Protect the motherboards

Server and hardware failure is a very big issue for data centres. By understanding the causes of these failures from an air quality perspective, we can design and implement solutions that address the underlying problems. At BreatheEasy, we conduct X-rays of failed motherboards and test for specific gases like H2S and SO2, which increase the toxicity of the particulates that settle on the boards, causing the silver connectors to erode. We can guarantee projects with G1 class air quality, assuming we take on the project in a holistic manner.



Protect patients and staff

Infection control is a major issue in hospitals Hospitals with the right pressurization and air quality systems are able to control infection and stop the spread of diseases between patients, staff and visitors. We have some of the best solutions in the industry, such as the IQAir Cleanroom series products dedicated to ensuring hospitals and clinics are safe and healthy spaces.

Welcome guests with clean air

A hotel room is a home away from home. Many international organizations have asked us to recommend hotels in India that meet global air quality standards. We have helped design and implement air quality solutions at some of the best hotels in the country. Our industry-leading solutions include products from IQAir, enVerid and some custom products, and can help any hotel improve their occupancy rates and client satisfaction.

Breathe deep without fear

While breathing heavily and deeply, it is even more important to have fresh clean air. Gyms may seem like a better alternative to running in the smog, but they do not necessarily have cleaner air. In fact, because people breathe at a higher rate while exercising, most gyms often have a high accumulation of CO2 and VOCs, which are harmful for health. Installing an air purification system, whether central or portable, allows people to stay fit while protecting their lungs.