Replacement Filters For SHARP

BE Pre-Filter for SHARP FU-A80E-W

₹ 500.00

This extra layer of pre-filter for the SHARP air purifier model FU-A80E-W is provided by BreatheEasy & helps extend the life of the expensive HEPA filter. It comes in a.....

Breathe Easy Pre-Filter Subscription

₹ 1,200.00

No more cleaning, vacuuming, washing, drying of pre-filter. Get one new pre-filter at your doorstep every month. Serves as a reminder to change your pre-filter.  It is available in six.....

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Filter Set For SHARP FU-A28E-W (FZ-Y28FE) Filter Set For SHARP FU-A28E-W (FZ-Y28FE)

Filter Set For SHARP FU-A28E-W (FZ-Y28FE)

₹ 2,000.00 ₹ 5,500.00

 Activated carbon filter: Honeycomb design. Reduce wind resistance, increase effective filtration area, improve formaldehyde, VOC purification efficiency. HEPA filter: Laminated borosilicate microfiber. The layer of the HEPA filter uses the.....

Filter Set for SHARP FU-Z31E-W (FZ-Y30SFE)

₹ 3,200.00

Clean air is a must for good health! Sharp’s Replacement filter removes all the harmful pollutants and germs from the air you breathe and keeps you healthy always. These filters.....

BE Compatible Filter Set for SHARP FU-A80E-W

₹ 4,500.00 ₹ 5,500.00

Compatible set of filters for the SHARP FU-A80E-W developed by BreatheEasy is now available with equivalent quality HEPA filtration and better active carbon filtration with honey comb design. Every pack.....

Filter set for SHARP FP-F40E-W (FZ-F40SFE)

₹ 6,000.00

Keep your air clean with this Sharp FU-FP-F40E-W replacement filter set that filters dust, pollen, pet dander and smoke from the air in your home / office Main Features: HEPA.....

Original Filter set for SHARP FU-A80E-W(FZ-A80SFE)

₹ 7,500.00

The HEPA filter and better-activated carbon filter with honeycomb design help to purify the air and ensures a healthy atmosphere. Every pack includes the BreatheEasy Pre Filter Pack that extends.....

Original Filter Set Combo (1 HEPA + 1 Deodorising Filter) For SHARP J80

₹ 8,000.00 ₹ 9,730.00

When the filter replacement is needed soon, the filter indicator lamp starts blinking. The blinking speed becomes faster once the timing comes. Filter life varies depending on the operation mode......