• ₹ 26,500.00 ₹ 29,000.00

  • Combination of Air Purifier & Humidifier
  • Plasmacluster technology removes mold and fungi as well as odours
  • HEPA filtration captures upto 99.97% of allergens
  • Automatic cut-off sensor ensures there is never any excess moisture in the room
  • Warranty: 1 year (does not include filters)

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SHARP KC- F30E is the latest launch by Sharp which offers an air purifier with humidification function by natural evaporation and maintains humidity levels. It also has optional hydrosols for natural aroma. The machine has a sensor for humidity and is able to maintain the RH levels in the room between 50-60%. We recommend putting RO/filtered water into the water tray.


Sharp’s KC-F30E-W automatically restores humidity that the AC removes as it cools, to not only help the AC run more efficiently and save electricity, but to ensure that the resulting dry air doesn’t create stress for our respiratory systems. The desired levels of humidity in the room also will keep your skin moist, toned, young and healthy.


The Sharp KC-F30E has a water container along with Humidifying filter. Once filled the water tank lasts for about 6 to 8 hours. The tank slides to make way for you to refill with potable water. KC-F30E has a humidity level indication on the machine along with current temperature for you to decide whether to fill water or not. Once not in use (during monsoon) the Humidifying filter may be washed and dried before placing into the cabinet.


Why SHARP air purifier + Humidifier?


Relative Humidity (RH%) varies from city to city. In coastal areas, the RH levels are generally higher compared to central and north India. The comfortable humidity range is between 45% to 60%. During winters, autumn and spring, the RH drops to 30 to 40%. Usage of room air conditioners also drops the humidity levels further. Lack of humidity and dryness in the air we breathe may cause skin, eye, and throat dryness in some people and sinus issues, especially in children. The chances of allergy and asthma also increase as dust mites start floating in the air. Sharp Air Purifier and Humidifying function with unique Plasmacluster ensures comfortable humidity levels through natural evaporation technique thus also ensuring freshness in the air similar to forest or park.




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