IQAir InFlow (Ducting Kit)

  • ₹ 52,500.00

  • Compatible with all IQAir air purifiers.
  • Ventilates an indoor room with clean and fresh air from outdoors.
  • Helps in reducing carbon dioxide levels in a room. Click here to know more
  • This product is only for the ducting kit, air purifier not included.

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The InFlow ducting adaptor can be connected to any compact IQAir air cleaning system. It enables the system to draw in polluted and contaminated air from outdoors or adjacent rooms. The IQAir system filters the airborne pollutants and pathogens and expels the cleaned air to the indoor environment.

Thus the InFlow ducting adaptor can be used to provide clean air ventilation, positive pressure isolation or negative pressure containment of harmful airborne microorganisms and particulates.


Features and benefits:

The InFlow ducting adapter combined with any compact IQAir stand-alone air cleaning system can be used in a variety of applications to:

    • create positive pressure (e.g. protective isolation)
    • create negative pressure (e.g. containment isolation)
    • ventilates an indoor room with clean and fresh air from outdoors


Positive Pressure Environments

The supply of filtered air to a closed indoor environment reduces air pollution in that area by dilution and the creation of positive pressure, which reduces the influx of contaminated air from outside the environment. With the InFlow adaptor, the IQAir filtration system is positioned inside the room where the clean air is desired.


Negative Pressure Environments

Airborne infection control guidelines for hospitals and other healthcare institutions often demand the creation of pressure differentials to control the spread of infectious airborne micro-organisms and protect patients, staff and visitors. With the InFlow connected to a high-efficiency IQAir system, contaminated air can be drawn from a patient room creating a containment isolation area. The negative pressure results in the effective containment of airborne pathogens within the closed room. The IQAir system then removes all viruses, bacteria and spores with 99.5% efficiency (99.97% @ ≥0.3μm) thus delivering virtually particle-free air to an adjacent area.


Fresh Air Ventilation

The delivery of fresh, oxygen-rich outdoor air is essential for the basic ventilation of indoor environments. Outdoor air, however, will also contain undesirable airborne contaminants and pollutants. With the help of the InFlow ducting adaptor connected to an IQAir system, filtered outdoor air can be supplied to an indoor environment. Supplying filtered outdoor air to a room reduces indoor pollutant concentrations and introduces oxygen. Thus the well-being of the inhabitants can be increased considerably.


Quick and Simple Installation

With the help of the InFlow ducting adaptor, every IQAir system can be connected simply and rapidly. For the installation of the InFlow, only one wall aperture is required. The large diameter of the ducting connections helps to reduce air resistance. The flexible ducting tube may be bent in any direction.


Technical Specifications

  • Required wall aperture: Diameter 130 mm (5.1")
  • Length of wall duct: 100 mm (4") and 150 mm (6")
  • Diameter of duct: 125 mm (5")
  • Length: 250 mm (10") to 1000 mm (40")


IQAir Compatibility

Compatible with all IQAir compact stand-alone filtration devices. Not compatible with accessories PF40, VMF, Flex-Vac, VM FlexVac and Mobility Casters.





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