IQAir GC MultiGas

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  • Advanced filtration technology for the professional control of chemical substance and odour
  • The IQAir HyperHEPA filter eliminates fine and ultrafine particles, including bacteria, viruses and combustion particles
  • Uses no more power than a conventional light bulb
  • Makes very low noise
  • The New Edition features the most powerful fan ever as it power translates into even better air cleaning results
  • Buy the InFlow ducting adaptor along with it to get clean air ventilation and reduce carbon dioxide levels, Click here to know more

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IQAir systems are used by world-leading research laboratories and commercial institute to provide customised air cleaning solution for critical environments. The IQAir GC Series offers advanced filtration technology for the professional control of chemical substance and odour in a compact format.


Powerful Certified Performance

Each IQAir GC System in individual tested and certified. A hand signed a certificate of performance provides the result of the filtration, efficiency and airflow test performed on the system. We guarantee a minimum total system efficiency of 99% for airborne particles ≥0.3 µm and a maximum air delivery rate of 400m3/h for all GC MultigasTM


IQ GC systems only use effective and approved filtration technologies that are 100% ozone- free.


GC HEPA Pre-Filter H11(S): Features a true HEPA filter surface of 3 m2(Class H11) for the control of a coarse, fine & ultra-fine particles.


 GC Filter Cartridge Set: Four gas and odour control filter cartridges offer between 5.4 Kg of special granulated filter media for the control of a wide range or specific gaseous substances and odour.


GC Post-Filter Sleeve Set: Four electrostatically charged fibre sleeves offer effective post-filtration of fine and ultra-fine particulate matter.




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