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Specialized clothing and equipment worn to protect against deadly infectious pathogens.

• Garment CERTIFIED BY DRDO (Certificate No. - COVID19/ INMAS/110520-02/STEL-01)

• Fabric tested and approved by SITRA 

• 75 gsm spunlace non-woven laminated fabric

Seam Tape Seal overall available

• Shoe made of same fabric -12 inches above ankle & elastic band on opening

• Elastic on sleeve for thumbs incorporated  

• Hood Integrated into garment with elastic 

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Each PPE Kit Comes With:

• 3-Ply certified surgical mask with Melt Blown

• Pair of latex high-quality sterile gloves individually packed

• 51 Micron yellow non-chlorinated disposal bag (Large)

• Comfortable & lightweight face shield

• Pair of 2 ply highly absorbent tissue paper

• 51 Micron plastic dual packaging with label on each kit

• Label of content on each kit

• Size (Large/Medium)

• Color White / Blue

All individually packed in a plastic bag which is 51 microns thick. The Gown and shoe covers is packed into the main bag and all smaller accessories (gloves, mask, face shield, disposal bag) goes in a small plastic bag and then packed into the main bag.