Diversey Hygienizer Kit

  • ₹ 950.00

Kit contains the following items (1 each):

• Oxivir® RTU Spray — 500ml

• Softcare Rinse-free Hand Sanitizer — 200ml

• Pack of 25 Hygienizer Dry Wipes

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Diversey Hygienizer is a thoughtfully designed kit that helps you maintain hygiene with ease. What's visibly clean is not always practically safe. This kit enables you to take preventive measures and keeps your health and safety, in your hands. Spray, Wipe and Rub.


Directions For Use


  • STEP 1 - Open the Diversey Hygienizer Kit. Take out the Oxivir® RTU Spray one-step cleaner spray bottle
  • STEP 2 - Pull out one sheet of the dry wipes and fold it once
  • STEP 3 - Turn the knob of the spray bottle on and spray the liquid onto the wipe (4.5 sprays) ensuring a uniform spread
  • STEP 4 - Wipe parts of non-porous surfaces like desk armrest. drawer handles and any other hard surfaces you're likely to touch and allow to air dry
  • STEP 5 - Use different sides of the wipe and for each side use 4-S sprays
  • STEP 6 - Dispose of the wipes in the non- biodegradable bins
  • STEP 7 - Turn the knob of the spray bottle to the off mode and put it back into the kit
  • STEP 8 - Once desk cleaning is complete, apply 2-3 ml of SoftCare hand sanitizer on your palms and rub it dry for personal hand sanitization