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Nasal Filter Dust Screen

  • ₹ 630.00

  • Made of 100% breathable non-latex, skin safe material
  • Designed to help protect against foreign air borne particles that find their way into nasal passages
  • Reduce respiratory exposure to PM 2.5, viruses, germs, colds, bacteria, dust, pollen, pollutants, contaminants, second hand smoke and carcinogens
  • 1 Pack contains: 7 Sets of Nasal Screens

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Filter Your Life Nasal Filters are the innovative breakthrough in personal air filtration. The main objective is to help reduce respiratory suffering by comfortably filtering inhaled air and removing airborne germs, allergens and/or noxious particles. These Nasal Filters manufactured in the United States are nasal dust covers made of 100% breathable non-latex, skin safe material.


Instructions for use:

  1.  Clear nasal passages and dry nose
  2. Carefully remove nasal screen from protective backing
  3. Open nasal passages as wide as possible
  4. Place nasal screen with tip adjacent to tip of nasal passage adhesive side up
  5. Apply by gently pressing seal around entire nasal opening
  6. For best results, use a mirror
  7. Keep screen material tight for best breath ability
  8. Each screen is for one time use only

Sizes Available: 

Large: Standard size fits all  

Medium: People with smaller noses such as women and children


Return & Exchange Policy:

This is a non-returnable product due to hygiene reasons.

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