Anti Pollution Masks

Easy Flow Filter

₹ 300.00

The filter for the Easy Flow kit removes up to 99.97% PM 2.5. Available in a pack of two. ..

Easy Flow Pipe

₹ 350.00

Available in 400MM (15.7″) & 300MM (11.8″) length...

Easy Flow Diffuser

₹ 400.00

The diffuser can be attached to the pipe and placed inside of the mask...

Easy Flow Magnet

₹ 400.00

The magnet will stick to the outside of the mask, keeping the diffuser in place...

Easy Flow Air Portal

₹ 400.00

You need to make a small hole in the mask (with a pair of scissors) and connect the air portal through the hole from the inside of the mask and.....

Nasal Filter Dust Screen

₹ 630.00 ₹ 700.00

Filter Your Life Nasal Filters are the innovative breakthrough in personal air filtration. The main objective is to help reduce respiratory suffering by comfortably filtering inhaled air and removing airborne germs,.....

The Admiral

₹ 799.00

Cambridge Mask™ - manufactured in England, guarantee the best quality pollution mask through a combination of excellent quality workmanship and outstanding quality materials. These N99 tested pollution masks are treated with.....