IQAir OutFlow (Ducting Kit)

  • ₹ 52,500.00

  • Compatible with all IQAir air purifiers.
  • Helps in reducing carbon dioxide levels in a neighbouring room.
  • Creates an under pressure in the place room and over pressure in the neighbouring room.
  • This product is only for the ducting kit, air purifier not included.

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The OutFlow ducting adapter allows filtered air from any IQAir advanced air cleaning system to be directed through a wall, door or window aperture. The adapter can be used to create protective environments and airborne infection isolation areas in a matter of minutes. Thus particle and microorganism reductions of up to 99% can be realised in well sealed rooms – a result that could otherwise only be achieved with costly, extensive and time-consuming alternatives.



The OutFlow ducting adapter combined with any compact IQAir stand-alone air cleaning system can be used in a variety of applications to

  • create positive pressure (e.g. protective isolation)
  • create negative pressure (e.g. containment isolation)
  • control emissions


Airborne Isolation

Airborne infection control guidelines and standards for hospitals and laboratories often demand the creation of pressure differentials to control the spread of infectious airborne Micro-organisms and protect patients, staff and visitors. With the OutFlow connected to a high-efficiency IQAir air cleaning system, 99.97% particle-free air can be exhausted from or directed into a room. The resulting pressure differences contain infectious particles in certain areas while other areas can be protected from the infiltration of microorganisms.


Cleanroom Areas

The supply of filtered air to a closed indoor environment reduces air pollution in that area by dilution and the creation of a protective environment which reduces the influx of polluted air from the outside. With the OutFlow adaptor, the IQAir filtration system can be postioned outside the clean area, thus saving valuable space and reducing noise ex-posure within the area.


Emission Control

Legislation may prohibit the emission of contaminated air directly to the outdoors or adjacent rooms. The OutFlow can exhaust HEPA-filtered air to help meet environ mental emissionncontrol and safety standards.


Quick and Simple Installation

The OutFlow adaptor is easily connected to any IQAir system. The installation only requires a small wall aperture. Thus protective environments and airborne infection isolation areas can be created extremely fast at minimum cost, and without lengthy interruptions of the daily working routine.


Technical Specifications:

  • Required wall aperture: Diameter 130 mm (5.1")
  • Length of wall duct: 100 mm (4") and 150 mm (6")
  • Diameter of duct: 125 mm (5")
  • Length: 250 mm (10") to 1000 mm (40")


IQAir Compatibility

Compatible with all IQAir compact stand-alone filtration devices.





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