IQAir Cleanroom H13

  • ₹ 220,500.00

  • Comes with antimicrobial and hospital grade HyperHEPA filters
  • Pre-filter eliminates micro-particles such as pollen, pet dander and mould spores
  • Offers the largest pre-filter surface area in the entire Cleanroom Series
  • Designed with a 320 degree EvenFlow™ Diffuser to supply more air in more directions without drafts or noise
  • It only requires about as much power as a conventional light bulb
  • Antitampering tools help prevent any unauthorized tampering with the system’s filters and power connection
  • The New Edition features the most powerful fan ever as it power translates into even better air cleaning results
  • Makes very low noise
  • Registered with the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) as a Class II Medical Device
  • Check out the replacement filters for IQAir.

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The IQAir Cleanroom Series offers a range of portable, self-contained HEPA air filtration systems designed to meet airborne infection control and particulate contamination challenges in critical indoor environments. IQAir systems filter the air by re-circulation or by creating true positive or negative pressure environments with special IQAir ducting adaptors. Each Cleanroom model and each HyperHEPA replacement filter is individually tested and certified to guarantee actual filtration efficiency. The superior filtration efficiency, versatility and mobility make the IQAir Cleanroom Series the most advanced and cost-effective line of mobile air filtration systems available today.  


100% Health Technology: IQAir’s HyperHEPA filtration technology is the safest, healthiest, and most effective way to clean the air. The Cleanroom Series particle filters work together to remove more than 99.97% of all airborne particles (0.3 microns and larger) without using unsafe or unproven technologies such as ozone generation, ionization, or ultraviolet radiation.


HyperHEPA superiority: The Cleanroom Series is designed to give clean rooms and other critical environments a steady supply of virtually particle free air. IQAir’s HyperHEPA system is recognized as the most efficient air filtration technology ever designed. And the Cleanroom Series offers more HyperHEPA filtration media than any other IQAir compact stand-alone system, assuring the cleanest air possible, with the largest quantity of the best filtration media available.


320 degree exhaust: The Cleanroom Series was designed with a 320 degree EvenFlow™ Diffuser to supply more air in more directions without drafts or noise. Other systems create annoying air drafts and restrict the ability of a system to produce fresh, clean air that can fill the room.The IQAir EvenFlow Diffuser boosts system efficiency by evenly returning cleaned air through a large 320degree outlet.The wide dispersion pattern allows the Cleanroom series to produce a high air delivery rate with very little noise.


Swiss quality: Swiss Made is more than just a label of origin. It is a sign of outstanding quality, uniqueness, superior design, innovation, precision and reliability. In an industry in which most air cleaners don't meet manufacturers' claims, IQAir tests and certifies each and every IQAir air purification system. All manufacturing is done in IQAir’s own state-of-the-art Swiss production facility on the pristine shores of the Lake of Constance. By using the highest quality components, a dedicated team of highly skilled and extensively trained craftsmen and women, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes refined over 50 years, IQAir is able to build the finest air purifiers in the world.


Energy Efficient: The IQAir New Edition costs very little to operate. It only requires about as much power as a conventional light bulb. At the very heart of these air purifiers is the ultra-efficient IQAir New Edition fan and its maintenance-free motor. This amazing powerhouse requires as little as 20 watts of power at the lowest speed and up to a maximum of 135 watts at the highest speed. 


Anti-tampering design: Advanced antitampering tools with the IQAir Cleanroom Series help prevent any unauthorized tampering with the system’s filters and power connection. A secure arm locking fixture prevents unauthorized access to or removal of the system filters. A separate power cord inlet fixture locks the Cleanroom Series power cord to the system, preventing unauthorized unplugging of the power cord at the base of the system. The anti-tampering kit includes a sturdy, simple tool kit for easy installation of the anti-tampering accessories.


Flexible solutions: Clean research and manufacturing areas, plant control rooms, and other controlled environments sometimes require positive pressure to prevent outside pollutants from entering the area. On the other hand, negative pressure can help contain pollutants in an isolation area. The IQAir Cleanroom series can be matched with either the IQAir InFlow™ W125 or OutFlow™ W125 kit to create the exact pressurization needed for any environment. The OutFlow W125 kit will also allow positioning the Cleanroom outside the controlled environment, eliminating the danger of housing leakage. Please see the attached brochure for more details.


3D UltraSeal eliminates leakage: IQAir systems feature patented triple sealing technology. First, a unique process ensures that the filter media is 100% sealed in the filter frame. Second, IQAir’s patented 3D UltraSeal ensures perfect knife-edge-in-groove sealing between filter frame and housing. Third, individual seals on each housing module ensure an airtight housing. As a result, IQAir systems have a total system efficiency that is higher than the theoretical efficiency of conventional air cleaners.


The New edition fan: The New Edition features the most powerful fan ever used in a compact room air purifier. That power translates into even better air cleaning results. The new three-dimensionally optimized design now uses state-of-the-art aerodynamics to convert energy into more air and less noise. IQAir systems use the highest quality fan motor available. This fan has an astonishing 1200 m³/h rating. Because each fan is individually balanced and uses steel ball bearings, it outlasts other fans by years. The IQAir New Edition fan is suspended in a separate module that isolates the fan from the housing with eight shock absorbers to further reduce noise.


Control Panel: Every IQAir stand-alone air purifier features six fan speeds and streamlined system controls that allow users to easily program automatic operation via a day/night timer. This cuts energy costs and extends filter life by allowing the Cleanroom series air purifiers to clean the air exactly as needed when needed. Also, the included intelligent filter-life monitor precisely forecasts filter replacement based on actual usage and colour-coded lights indicate when it's time to change each filter.


InFlow Ducting: The InFlow ducting adapter combined with any compact IQAir stand-alone air cleaning system can be used in a variety of applications to - 

  • create positive pressure (e.g. protective isolation)
  • create negative pressure (e.g. containment isolation)
  • ventilate a room with fresh and clean outdoor air


Mobility: The built-in guiding handle on top and sturdy casters on the bottom of the purifier system make it simple to roll around the environment to provide high-performance air purification wherever needed. When it's not needed, the purifier is easily rolled into a utility closet or other handy storage area.


Remote control: A sleek and efficient hand held remote control makes it easy to manage the air purifier from almost anywhere in the room. When it's not in use, the remote control fits handily in the recesses on the top of the system so it can easily be found when needed.




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