Ultra-Fine Particles And Gases – Impact On My Son’s Health

I wanted to do the ducting with the IQAir machine in my kid’s rooms as well. But unfortunately, we were unable to do it in their rooms due to logistical issues. My son – Krish is now 9. When we moved from the US to India, he was a year and a half and he developed wheezing when we would go out for a walk/run to Lodhi Gardens. We installed a SHARP air purifier in his room and his wheezing got better. But he also developed sinusitis and nose bleeds. He would only be breathing from his mouth. And every week for a few years he would get a nose bleed in school and would have to be brought back home. We never needed a nebulizer for him. So we thought we were doing the best we could. 


Then we decided to install the IQAir machine is his room – WITHOUT the ducting. And within 3-4 weeks, his sinusitis cleared up and his nose bleeds stopped. The IQAir is able to remove ultra-fine particles and gases in the air like no other machine. Worth EVERY penny and more. No more trips to school in the middle of the day to pick him up for nose bleeds. No more antibiotics and anti-congestion medicines for sinusitis.

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