The IQAir Machines Are Capable Of Doing 2 Things That Most Air Purifiers Only Strive For…Effectively Clean The Air That Passes Through By Removing Ultra-Fine Particles And A Broad Spectrum Of Gases.

Ultra-fine particles – These are particles that measure less than 0.1 micrometers in diameter going down to 0.003 micrometers in diameter. They are so small that they enter the bloodstream from the ophthalmic nerves in our nostrils as we breathe.

(Link to  Wikipedia on Ophthalmic nerve – .  These are most harmful as they get to every organ in the human body and cause distress. 


Gases – The main gases found in the air in various locations of India are NOx, Sox, H2S, and O3.  We have also tested dioxins (coming from the burning of plastic waste) and chlorine in Delhi’s air.  This cocktail of toxic gases is extremely harmful for humans and especially when these gases get absorbed by the fine particles that go into the bloodstream, the impact is even more harmful. 


How IQAir reduces these:

The final “HYPER HEPA” filter on the machine is graded as a H13 filter which is capable of trapping particles as small as 0.0003 micrometers in diameter. And the way the machine and filters are designed, not a single particle can by-pass the filters, thereby ensuring that the air coming through is pristine. 


The V5 cell filter on the machine is capable of removing a broad spectrum of harmful gases. It is 2.5Kg of active carbon impregnated with potassium permanganate (KMNO4). Most other machines have 10-30 grams of basic active carbon – and the air that passes through, most of it does not even touch the carbon.

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