How We Got IQAir As A Partner

I am the founder of BreatheEasy. I tested this machine the first time (at the time we were selling mostly SHARP machines) for a customer and found that it was actually quite brilliant. I asked our customer if I could borrow his air purifier for further testing in our lab. He agreed. What I saw was quite amazing. It was better in cleaning the air than any other machine I had ever tested. (And I had tested a lot of them). Read this BLOG to see how this is really one of the better machines out there. 


I decided that I wanted to partner with IQAir as they really had a brilliant product. I wrote to them. No response. I wrote again – got a short answer that they were not interested and they had one distributor in Mumbai. I tried calling – no success. I reached out to a friend who runs one of the largest sustainability companies in Switzerland who happened to know the CEO of IQAir. Still no success. Then as serendipity would have it – we hired a Swiss consultant to help us with marketing. He was able to get me a meeting with IQAir and the rest is history. In the first meeting, we were appointed as partners for the Indian region and soon the entire product portfolio was available to us. 

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