Who do I call if there is a problem ?

BreatheEasy is your one stop shop for air quality needs. You can call our toll free number (1800-270-0435) if you have any problems related to your air purifiers.

Is it ok if I pass your contact to my friends?

We will be more than happy to create more awareness about indoor air quality and spread the word of providing sustainable healthy indoor air to breathe inside the homes. We can be reached at 1800-270-0435 via phone and on email for any queries. Refer your friends and family and earn points. These points can be used towards free filter replacements, etc.

I want to help in some way? What can I do?

Spreading awareness amongst family and friends regarding the harmful air that we breathe in will be a first step to help. We are also starting an NGO called Care For Air. You can become a member of Care for Air if you would like to contribute in some way.

My Air Purifier does not start.  Who do I call ?

First please try to plug the machine in a different wall outlet and see if the machine is working or not. If it is still not working, then call us at 1800-270-0435 and we will get someone over within 24 hours to fix the problem.