You can grow fresh air indoors .
You can grow fresh air indoors .

You can grow fresh air indoors .

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Ever thought about tie quality of air you breathe? Is the air at your home or office pure and fresh?

Ever thought about tie quality of air you breathe? Is the air at your home or office pure and fresh? We are aware that air pollution is a grave challenge to the environment as well as health. Most of the people tend to think that air pollution takes place on/y outside. This is not so because air pollution can be found both indoors and outdoors.

In a day, on an average we lake 23.030 breaths. Studies have revealed that indoor air can be 10 tines more polluted than outdoor air. Every year. several people fall prey to health hazards caused due to the pollutants present in the air. Homes and offices harbor pollutants that get trapped indoors. Some pollutants enter the structures via wall paints. carpets. furniture and other new objects Mile some exist because of the things akeady put nto use. Chemicals and allergens accumulate in the dust. Amongst the oommcn air pollutants, the most notorious ones are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Particulate Matter (PM 10 8 2.5), Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon Monoxide (CO). Ozone (03) and Sulphur Dioxide (SO2). They can be in the form of gases or particles.

These pollutants cause eye irritation: respiratory symptoms, lung impairment: asthma: headache: nausea: damage to the liver. kidney, and central nervous system: cancer and n extreme instances, even death. Asa matter of fact these pollutants may raise a question mark on your well-beng and life. Before thugs get worse. it is imperative to take precautionary We have talked a lot about air pollution and its adverse effects on humans. Now is the time for solution. Soilless gardenng or Hydroponic Culture is one of the tidy. efficient and effective solutions.

Hydroponics - a subset of hydro-culture is a technique of growng plants by using nutrient solutions. n water. without soil. Mornay. soil acts as a reservoir of nutrients that are essential for the growth of a plant. However. the soil itself is not necessary for the growth of a pare. Researchers had bind earlier that plant roots can absorb the mineral nutrients dissolved h water, not n soil. Then. a soil-free method of proving paints i.e. hydroponic culture emerged. The roots of some plants like those of terrestrial origin can be grown with their roots suanerged in the mineral nutrient solution or in an errnovable medium like peril*. charcoal. gravel. clay-pebbles. coconut husk and other suitable materials.

Needless to say. plants have arrazng potential of detoxifying the air Indoor plants help in removing themical toxins present h the air. They remove ar pollutants by absorbing harmful gases through their leaves and roots. The ability of an indoor plant to remove harmful chemical mann h the air is an example of phytoremediation They produce oxygen whth helps h enhanced levels of oxygen & therefore inproved air quality inside the building. Sane plants produce oxygen during the day time and sane dung the night time. Keep a mix of these two knds of plants so that oxygen supply into the air remains constant. Place small green plants ih the corners of the rooms or in the passage. You can also replace some of your VOC - emittng show pieces with new Moor plants. Some of the pants tad help h removing VOCs are Aloe Vera. Spider Plants. Boston terns. Purple Waffle plants. English Ivy, Areca Palms. Golden Pothas. Japanese royal ferns etc.

If you practice gardening in a conventional way, roots may decay if you don't take proper care of it. You need to change water and treat soil on a regular basis. With hydropones, you overcome all this. As hydropones. recirculate water withh its system for consecutive 10-15 days. you don't have to water them daily. So. they are water-efficient too. And as it is a completely soil-proof process. plants are habE to stay free from soil-borne diseases as well as from the possibilities of catching dust molds and allergens.

Hydropones are the plants that receive a balanced and higher level of nutrients to grow. Comparatively, they are greener. healthier and more efficient in producing oxygen and eliminating toxins present h the air. They are very efficient to perform the detoxification action in the Moor environment.
With an increased level of oxygen supply in the blood, one can experience a significant decrease in the instances of seep apnea. poor concentration. forgetfulness. mood swings. restlessness. depressive thoughts. fatigue. decrease alertness. memory and judgment. Moreover. they do not require a lot of space. And as the system is self -regulatirg, n does not demand too much of manual labour. The best part is that hydropcnes can bring down the expense to almost 20% as compared to the conventional method of gardening.

Studies have also land that clean air can reverse the effects of air pollution. Clean atr can bring down the instances of Eye Irritation by 52%. Respiratory Symptoms by 34%, Headaches by 24%, Lung impairment by 12% and Astma by 9% and heighten up the productivity level of these breathing clean and fresh air by 20%. You can enhance to quality of air that you and your family breathe and draw the benefts. Hydroporics culture is the way of fighting against air pollution. Paharpur Business Centre (PBC). an mSME in the service and real estate sector has not orgy improved Indoor Ar 021ty. meeting the seethed guidelines by ASHPAE. but has also brought is energy consumption down by over SO%. Based on an intensive two year study. t has been rated as one of the healthiest bufdings in Delhi by Central Pollution Control Board. Mitisty of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India and Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute. Kolkata.

PBC is the first retrofit office building n India that is certified as USGBC LEED Pisani,'" for Existng Buildnos. It is also a BEE 5-Star rated butditg with its annual energy consumption of 28 Whrthr/m2. Its unique value proposition is the Indoor Air Quality. We grow fresh air with the help of more than 1200 toxin-removing plains to mantain a healthy environment.

A study by Central Pollution Control Board. Ministry of Environment & Forests. Government of India & Chlitarantan National Cancer Institute. Kolkata

Breathe EasyTM: a division of PBC now helps other companies tnplemem solutions to improve Indoor Air Quality (IA0) while reducing their energy footprints.
It offers a comprehensive monitoring and controlling system along With proper testing, designing and consultation on air quality by indoor air experts. By monitoring & managing pollutants, temperature. humidity levels. etc one can effectively combat the ill effects of air pollution. BreatheEasyn, offers a holistic approach to tackle the problems of air pollution with a special focus on energy efficiency. Three easy-to-mai-tan, common Moor plants: Areca Palm, Money plant and Mother-in-law's Tongue heap to maimairing the air query Side any buff environment. PBC grows these toxin removng plants tt patented Cleankir PlantersTM (hydropayss) that make the plants upeo 10 tines more efficient Than a normal potted plant.
PBC has been monitoring its Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and publishes the results on its website every day since 1996

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