About Us

Breathe Easy is India’s first- full service Indoor Air purifying solutions provider. We have been pioneers in the Indoor Air filtration and purification industry for the last 25 YEARS. We have improved the indoor air quality in our own building in Nehru Place, Delhi, employing high quality air purifiers and air filtration solutions.

Needles to say, today the air quality in our building is equivalent that of the Swiss Alps. It has been rated as one of the healthiest buildings of Delhi by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Govt of India and also been tested to have very high air quality by Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (LBNL), California.

We grow our own fresh airTM" in the 50,000 square feet space. We are able to curate the best quality of air possible using a combination of high quality air purifiers as well as indoor plants. The result is air so fresh, it feels like mountain air.

We now provide comprehensive air purifying solutions for clean air indoors. Be it a home, office, mall, school, or hotel.

The business is broadly focused on the following:

       1. Testing of Indoor Air Quality
       2. Providing air purification solutions for individual rooms (without central HVAC systems) – in homes or offices

            *  Extensive research on the right Air purifying systems.
            *  Indoor plants that produce Oxygen in the day AND at night

       3. Delivering Clean & Pure Air solutions to centrally air conditioned buildings (homes, offices, malls, hotels, hospitals, etc.)

             *  Mechanical air filtration to remove toxins from ambient air
             *  Indoor Plants that produce fresh air to reduce “ambient air” intake and hence reduce energy consumption

To watch a TED Talk on growing fresh air indoors, click on the Video: