Are masks effective?

Some of the masks that we sell are very efficient in removing PM2.5 and PM10. One of the masks we have can also remove gaseous pollutants with a carbon filter. When spending time outdoors, or in high traffic areas, one should wear a mask. Click here to buy masks.

Do you sell masks?

Yes, we do sell masks. Some of the masks that we sell are very efficient in removing pollutants such as PM2.5, odours, and harmful gases.The masks are listed below:

3M – These are also rated as N99 and have an “around the head” system for securing the mask. They are white in color.

Venus – These are industrial grade masks that work well to filter out gases, odour and particles.  Three different options are available at varying efficiencies:

Green – FFP2 (N95 equivalent) – 94% efficient at removing PM2.5 and with carbon filter for traffic fumes, gases and odours.

White – FFP2 (N95 equivalent) – 94% efficient at removing PM2.5 .

Yellow – FFP1 (N93 equivalent) – 87% efficient at removing PM2.5

How long does it last ?

It depends on the exposure level of the Mask. For instance , if its in a polluted area it may last just for a day but it being in a moderate polluted environment can be used for 4 weeks or maybe longer.

Are they washable ?

 No , none of the Masks are washable. Washing reduces the efficiency of the mask.

What does the ‘Ventilator’ do ?

The main purpose of the Ventilator is that it helps in one way exhalation. The vent valve exhales high moist CO2 content, provides breathing comfort & promotes easy communication.

How is the Mask different from the Surgical Mask ?

The primary purpose of the Surgical Mask is it prevents the saliva being transferred from one person to the person in front. It is made to filter bigger particulate matter.