Do you have a good air purifier for the car?

We have tested many air purifiers for the car. However, NOTHING has proven to be very efficient. Most car air purifiers have ion generators that create Ozone in small spaces that are not ventilated. This can be harmful for health. When we find a good car air purifier, you will be the first to know. Click here to leave your contact details so we can send you the latest news about air purifiers and your health.

What do I do when I commute in the car for a long time?

Ideally, keep the windows rolled up when there is heavy traffic and intermittently, roll your windows down to bring in outdoor air. We have tested many cars – the only car that has passed our test on air quality is the Jaguar. This has a special filter to ensure that the particulate levels are down, even when you have outdoor air coming in constantly. (air con NOT on recirculate).

How often should I replace my Car Air Purifier filter?

We recommend changing it after every 3-6 months. To order a replacement filter for the Car Air Purifier now, please click on the link.